One Chain Logistics (OCL) provides all levels of logistical support and supply chain services, including warehousing, distribution and freight forwarding. We seek to provide quality customer support and services through a team of professionals with years of international experience in supply chain services. Our aim is to increase your profitability by offering customized solutions to reduce costs and increase service. Our growing team of professionals has the experience to facilitate your company's expansion using our tailored services.


We have a strong partnership with our European partner Prime Cargo. And with an international experience reaching beyond borders Prime Cargo supports OCL with new ideas and innovation, thus strengthening our position in the logistic field. Prime Cargo was established in 1998 and has branches all over the world, ranging from offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing to Amsterdam, Copenhagen Oslo etc.


At OCL we focus on technology and by investing in warehouse management systems (WMS), we ensure the highest quality service from shipment receiving to dispatch. We believe in the value of establishing long term relationships with our customers and providing them with the highest standard of operational excellence by using the latest WMS innovations and technologies.

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